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Dreams Made Real's Journal

13th December, 2007. 9:00 pm. PLEASE READ(cleverdevil)

I'm in the early stages of planning to start a photography business. This is the research stage, where I gather word of mouth info.
My education involves a Writing and New Media Technologies diploma, where I first was introduced to the camera and photoshop. Since then, I've been creating all manner of art and I've excelled at my photoshopping skills enough that I think I might have a service to offer. This after looking around at a tremendous amount of crap that people actually pay for.
Until demand dictates that I limit my services, I thought about offering everything I can do, including:
Photo restoration
Family portraits
Personal portraits
Animal portraits.
Photoshop services that essentially equate to art, as I assume alot of people might want something different. This is, infact, where I thought I would drum up the most business.

I live around Edmonton Alberta, Canada, if that's of any consequence?

What I need are testimonials and advise from anyone that might have some. Is there anyone in the business that might shine a flashlight on this newcomers path?
How might I best advertise?
Should I stop dreaming until I get a business degree?
Should I limit my services?
Will I not be taken seriously without a diploma in photography on my wall?
What should I include in my portfolio?
Do you have advise on how I might individualize my business, or do you think trying to stand out is wrong?

ANY advise you have will be taken very seriously, provided it's intented that way.

Thanks in advance,

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23rd August, 2004. 1:28 pm.(kelaina)

-A bit about yourself.
-What you're trying to accomplish and why.
-The steps you're planning to take towards those goals.
-Any particular feedback you might be looking for.

I'm a college sophmore intending to transfer to UNC-Wilmington. I intend to major in Religion, and eventually earn a Master's and Doctrate.
Step 1; Get into Wilmington
Step 2; Graduate magna cum laude and with distinction and with honors
Step 3; Apply to Princeton, Oxford, and Trinity for grad school
Step 4; Get into one.
Step 5; Work towards my Masters, write and defend my dissertation.
Step 6; Graduate with Masters, move to Doctrate in same school.
Step 7; Write and defend my thesis, gain my Doctrate
Step 8; Teach at Princeton, Oxford, or Trinity.

I need some good advice on other schools to get my BA in Religion. Several people have told me to look elsewhere than Wilmington, so I am. I need some advice on other schools.

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15th July, 2004. 11:13 pm. Thanks, kolys!(cheshire23)

I find this template quite useful. There are two major goals I'm working on right now (weight loss and debt management), from which many others spring, so here goes:

goal #1: weight lossCollapse )

Next goal: debt management and budgetingCollapse )

There are other goals (getting matriculated into the English MA program, for one), but they have to wait until work is done on these two (I can't matriculate until the financial holds are gone).

Such is life.

Current mood: thoughtful.

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